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We are distributing:

The highest quality equipment for bakeries from many countries including German, Italy. We are trying to make sure that our offer is always fresh, filled with innovative equipment. In our selection we are following the currect criteria:

  • Increased productivity
  • Low failure rate
  • Convenience in operating everything in Polish, small prices.


Our assortment also includes smaller gastronomy equipment, which in order to organize our offer, we universally called accessories. They are a variety of equipment, useful both in a professional bakery and in a small pastry shop. These include: various types of knives, blades, spoons, baking sheets and confectionery and bakery forms, as well as bakery carts and scales.

Sheets and confectionery forms for bakeries

The wide range of sheets we offer will allow for professional and comprehensive equipment for every bakery or confectionery. In our assortment you will find specialized baking sheets for baking hamburger rolls, baguettes and pizzas, as well as confectionery sheet for making muffins. Our confectionery and bakery sheets are made of aluminum or coated with this material, perforated or smooth.

Our offer of confectionery and bakery forms are individual forms as well as whole sets. These are forms for special occasions, such as Easter bunnies, chanterelles and lambs, as well as ordinary forms for everyday baking, for example for toasted bread, muffins, various types of cakes and pastries, and even pizza. In our assortment you will find both aluminum forms and, recently more and more popular, made of silicone. We also offer baking and confectionery forms made of stainless steel.


The compact table top slicer ZIP, manufactured by JAC, is designed for full or partial cutting of rolls and baguettes (along the length). Both the cutting height and depth are precisely adjusted. Compared to manual slicing, this device provides full security. Its design allows you to cut rolls and baguettes (any length) with maximum dimensions: width 12 and height 8 cm. Loading and receiving sliced ​​bread is done manually, inserting one element (semi-automatic) each time. Machine performance for one-man operation can be estimated at approximately 2000 cuts per hour, depending on the type of buns, as well as the baking and cooling of bread and slightly increases for two-man operation. The device is mainly intended for use in bakeries, shops and other catering establishments, wherever long hours of continuous operation are not required. This slicer is safe to use, durable and intended for intensive use, ideal for sandwich bars, has smooth adjustment of settings.

  • cutting width adjustment to the desired thickness and height of bread
  • tunnels dimensions is suitable for different shapes of bread
  • control window for checking bread movement
  • stainless steel body
  • quick and easy disassembly of covers for machine and blade maintenance
  • secured outlet against insertion of the hand
  • dimensions: height 77cm, width 36cm, length 65 cm
  • weigth: 35 kg
  • single phase motor with power 0,49 kW
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    It is a free-standing device MTB3 used for grinding dry bread intended for breadcrumbs. Its structure is completely made of stainless steel. Due to its compactness and stability, the machine can work for many hours, ensuring high efficiency. The device uses double knives and an innovative, unique grinding support system. A special gripper makes it easier to hold the bag, and the easy and quick exchange of screens helps to match them to the desired granulation. Protection against the discharge opening during operation of the device and the relationship of the height of the legs were used. The device can be equipped with sieves with mesh diameter - 3.4.5 mm.

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    ParametersUnit of measureValue
    The diameter of the charging conecm60
    The diameter of the charging pipemm30
    The diameter of the chopping knivesmm29
    Dimensions h. x w. x l.cm147 x 75 x 75
    Number of knivespcs.4
    Motor powerkW4
    Supply / control voltageV400/24


    The RP1 is designed for grinding various types of bread, especially baguettes, bread loaves bread and bread rolls, small size bakelettes for oven drying or production of the bread acid. It is recommended for the shredded bread to be dry or cooled to about 20 degrees celsius. The chooper consists a steel body in which the cutting unit drive mechanism is located. This unit consists of a drum and four knives. The bread is fed to the chopping chamger with a speed adjustable belt conveyor. From the top, the bread is pressed with two rollers. Chopper control panel is made in manual mode. The cutting drum, with variable speed regulation, is driven by an electric motor via belt drive. It adjusts the rotational speed of the drum and delivers belt as needed. By reducing the drum rotation and increasing the tape travel time, will increase the billets thickness, while increasing the drum rotation and decreasing the belt travel time, will decreases the billets thickness. In the pick up area, the crumbs of bread can be passed to the containers or to the receiving tape. The controls are located in the distribution box, in the lower back of the machine, closed for unauthorized access. The machine is manufactured according to CE standards in Europe.

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    Control voltageV24/12
    Motor powerkW3,16
    Number of knivespcs.4
    Drum rotation

    rot / min.
    rot / min.

    Conveyor belt speed

    cm / sec.
    cm / sec.



    The DAS machine is a device that is used to dispense articles powders such as bread crumbs, all kinds of groats, rice, peas, etc. to packaging, preparing this product for sale, perfectly measured. The machine is made of stainless steel.

  • Body: made of stainless steel
  • Device weight: 25 kg
  • Tension: 50 W
  • Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz, possible change for 110 V / 60 Hz
  • Packaging precision: +/- 3g.
  • Packing speed: 6 to 12 packages per minute (depending on the dosed article)
  • Machine dimensions: 30 cm x 50 cm x 125 cm
  • Top hopper dimensions: 28 cm x 28 cm x 40 cm
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    We offer the bread-forming line wchich is available from proven devices that aim to automate production processes in small and large bakeries. Thanks to the streamlined production process, labor costs are reduced in a fast and effective way, and thus the increase in costs is the processing capacity. The installation of a reliable bread line favors the repeatability of production processes and quality end products.
    The configuration we propose consists primarily of:

  • Lifter - a machine used to transfer dough from the bowl to the divider hopper, hopper or to the bakery table
  • Weighers - a machine used for mechanically dividing dough
  • Rounding machines - a machine used for mechanical rounding of bread dough pieces
  • Lengtheners - a machine used for lengthening rounded billets of dough, giving it its final shape

    Universal lifters for bakery bowls (boilers) on trolleys
    The lifters we offer are intended for lifting and inverting bowls with dough directly into the hopper of the divider. It is possible to extend the device with an additional, automated module scraping the dough from the bowl.
    Wywrotnice są produkowane w wersjach odpowiednich do różnych pojemności dzież, z wywrotem na prawą lub lewą stronę (do ustalenia z Klientem). Składają się one z podstawy, najazdu oraz słupa, na którego szczycie umieszczono motoreduktor napędzający koło łańcuchowe. Dzieża podnoszona jest na belce podciąganej łańcuchem umieszczonym wewnątrz słupa konstrukcyjnego. Do słupa przymocowane jest ramię obrotu odpowiednio przechylające belkę w momencie podnoszenia jej w górę.
    The lifters are made of structural steel or optionally stainless steel. The scraper module consists of a body bolted to the tipper's horizontal beam. A rotating set of scraping bars from the walls of the bowl are attached to the body. After the boiler reaches the appropriate height and the dough flows out into the divider hopper, the bowl drive automatically switches on along with the scraping system. After a certain time, the module returns to the starting position and the bowl with the trolley is lowered to the base level.
    Standardowe dane techniczne tego urządzenia ulegają zmianie, stosownie do konkretnych potrzeb konstrukcyjnych. Wymagane zasilanie to 400V. Wszystkie nasze urządzenia są produkowane zgodnie z obowiązującymi normami CE.

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    ModelCapacity [kg] Lifting hight [cm]Total power [kW]Lifting time [s]Dimensions
    l.x w.x h.
    Weight [kg]
    Universal700do 1900 251,6100x100x320 550 kg


    The dough in this machine is correctly divided by the newly designed drum and inlet piston, without affecting the dough structure. Processes the most sensitive type of cake, one that could only be divided by hand until now. The dough container and the outer covers are made of stainless steel. The billet weight setting can be set manually. The machine divides the dough automatically into a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 pieces per minute, and in a manual division system from 29 to 31 pieces and uses much less oil compared to other such machines.

  • manual weight adjustment by means of a knob
  • cylindrical hopper without angles ensures good flow of the dough
  • stainless steel body
  • piston made of acid resistant steel
  • closed lubrication system with strainer
  • additional lubrication point with oil regulation, ensuring lubrication of the piston surface
  • quiet belt transmissions
  • low oil level alarm in the tank
  • piston diameter 13 cm
  • weight range from 300 to 1100 g
  • electronic speed control
  • flour sprinkler synchronized with the device speed
  • adjustable angle of the receiving tape and cleaning scraper
  • machine equipped with road wheels
  • transparent plexiglass cover
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    The conical rounding machine is designed to be used for almost all types of dough. The billets are perfectly rounded and very precisely transported after introducing them into specially designed conical channels. This minimizes the dough tension and sets the uniform shape.

  • teflon coated cone
  • teflon coated gutters
  • silent flour sprinkler
  • stainless steel body
  • rounding length 3.5 m
  • blowing cold air
  • device is equipped with wheels
  • the device has a CE certificate
  • engine power 0.55 kW
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    ModelTrack length [m] Weight range of the piece[g] Performance [szt./h]Dimensions
    l.x w.x h.[cm]
    Waga [kg]
    FCR 3000 M3,5200-1200 2400-3200105x95x145 195 kg


    The industrial dough forming machine by lengthening it has been produced for companies with large and continuous production. Available options include a double pressure plate, dough guide on the band, dough guide at the entrance to the machine, flour dusting system, milling machine for triple shape on the pressure board, dough sliding system at the exit. Regardless of the dual pressure plate, the dough does not meet at any point.

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    ModelPower [kW] Maximum dough length [mm]Dimensions
    l.x w.x h.[cm]
    Efficiency [pcs./h] Waga [kg]
    FLM 3000 M0,55420 699x1650x13651200-2400 235


    The roll dividers are one of the most complex machines produced by MASZ Gliwice. We manufacture two models - SPAA-30 and SPA-30SA. The first of them is fully automated, while the second, semi-automatic, has a manually lowered head using a mounted lever. In addition, the parameters of both devices do not differ from each other, and the only number that distinguishes both dividers is, of course, the price. SPAA-30 costs PLN 41 800 gross, while SPA-30SA has a price over 18 thousand lower. Both devices, like other machines from our offer (e.g. flour sifters), they need a 400 V power connection. flour sifters), they need a 400 V power connection.

    How does bread roll divider work

    In the shortest and simplest terms, bun and donut dividers divide large pieces of dough (from 1.2 to 4 kilograms) into so-called billets. Each bite has a similar size, and a portion of the dough is divided into 30 elements. The dough in the divider is cut by knives sliding out of the top cover, and then the rolls created in this way are formed into a special tray. Within a few moments, the shapeless piece of dough is replaced with dozens of even pieces, ready for baking or further baking processing. The maximum capacity of both machines reaches 5400 pieces per hour, a single roll obtained in a divider can have a weight of 40 to 135 grams.

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    Universal automatic foot cutter with rotary table Adapt to all types of cakes and cakes. Solid construction, precise device layout, automatic blade cleaning and heating system and adjustable cutting head operating speed completely unlimited possibilities of using devices to use the product. Available at affordable prices and with small domestic dimensions, it is good and economical used for small and large confectionery packaging.

  • cutting portions of cakes into round, square and triangular shapes
  • round dough can be divided into 2/4/6/8/10/12/14 equal parts (20 memory modes in total)
  • rectangular dough - cutting range 600x400 mm, a total of 20 different memory modes
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    Cake / round cake diameter 15-30 cm
    Cake / rectangular cake (slicing into rectangular shapes) 66 cm x 66 cm
    Cake / rectangular cake (slicing into triangular shapes) 60 cm x 40 cm
    Dimensions (l. / w. / h.): 1200 x 1110 x 1470 mm
    Weight 380 kg
    Motor power 0,8 kW
    Voltage 220 V

    Test our machines

    Do you want to buy a new machine, but you are afraid that the purchased product will be a disappointment? How many times have you purchased a product that was insufficiently suited to your conditions and expectations? Make an appointment for a free test today and check how our machines will improve the work in your bakery. We will not convince you why you should trust us. You'll come to it alone. To arrange a free test and check how the spiral mixer works, just contact the sales department to arrange the appropriate date of our arrival. Video presentations


    • Spiral mixers with fixed and removable bowl
    • Slicers
    • Mixers


    A multipurpose machine designed for wide use in bakeries, confectioneries and catering outlets. High-quality materials used in the production of the machine ensure a long service life and trouble-free operation. The whole structure is made of high-quality AISI 304 steel, intended for contact with food, resistant to corrosion and most acids, sterilization solutions, most organic chemicals and dyes. The MK device evenly heats the entire contents of the boiler to a maximum temperature of 150o C. It is possible to heat and mix simultaneously. Due to its well-thought-out structure, the MK multi-brewer can be used for many technological processes, such as:

  • cooking: pudding, English masses, jellies, masses according to own recipes, eggnog, butterscotch, milk, sauces, soups, vegetables, etc.
  • brewing flour (steamed dough)
  • preparation of tiramisu mass, stuffing, jams and preserves, risotto, fruit mousses
  • melting chocolate and pomade
  • roasting fruit or even onions
  • and many more
  • The mixing process is carried out using a special agitator, which is equipped with scrapers to prevent the product from sticking and burning. Scoops collect product from the walls and bottom of the boiler. Heating takes place through the heating oil located between the two walls of the boiler, thanks to which the heating is very even and the mass does not burn. The heat is distributed very evenly to the product, to its entire volume. The MK cream machine is additionally equipped with a third, outer jacket in order to reduce the temperature leakage to the outside.

    MK machines have two operating speeds and the ability to heat the mass to the desired temperature max. 150o C. At the customer's request, it is possible to lock the maximum temperature level, above which the operator will not set the machine. In a special design of the machine, the maximum temperature may be increased. All elements having direct contact with the food product are made of high-quality acid-resistant steel and materials approved for contact with food. The tilting boiler makes pouring and cleaning much easier, the boiler can be equipped with a drain valve, which is hygienic - it can be easily removed for cleaning / washing. The valve has the function of accidental opening. The machine has a lid with an inlet that allows you to control the process and add ingredients without stopping the machine. All important electrical components led to the electrical box on the side of the machine to protect against the effects of vapors and temperature. Working time clock with a sound signal - automatic or manual operation, Mobile machine - with wheels as standard

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    ModelBowl capacity[l]Heater power[kW] Motor power[kW]Oil quantity[l] Weight[kg] Dimensions
    w.x l.x h.
    The recommended value of filling the boiler min-max[l]
    MK 30 304 0,35/0,4512 116 96 x 73 x 153 3-23
    MK 60 606 0,6/0,817,5 150 96 x 78 x 164 4-48
    MK 80 809 0,6/0,819,5 158 94 x 74 x 164 4-65
    MK 120 12012 1,3/1,829 232 120 x 91 x 181 12-100
    MK 200 20015 3,041 328 130 x 120 x 199 22-180
    MK 300 30024 5,067 611 164 x 134 x 220 35-180
    MK 500 50045 5,067 730 190 x 156 x 240 50-180

    Thanks to such machines as roll divider or croissant machine , bakery and confectionery factories are able to get a uniform appearance and taste of their products every day. We offer automatic and semi-automatic roll dividers with the function of rounding dough and croissants rolling out dough and wrapping them in small bites .

    Croissant machine - a revolutionary way to shape croissants

    Croissant rollers are machines useful every day in every bakery and pastry shop. They are used to roll out and roll the dough into smaller or larger bites , depending on the settings and the type of machine. With the help of a suitable croissant, not only croissants, but also fingers and baguettes can be formed, and after disconnecting the rolling tapes, the croissant can also be used to roll out a pizza dough. Our croissants have chrome elements and are manufactured in accordance with applicable CE standards.


  • is suitable for all kinds of cakes, it rolls even very thin doughs
  • scraper easy to remove in seconds
  • rolling cylinders are calibrated, polished and hard chrome plated
  • all bearings are shielded to avoid contamination
  • the belt speed regulator avoids wrinkles in the dough
  • the low voltage power supply is switched on and off by a hand switch or foot pedal and has a protective enclosure
  • available in table and tripod versions
  • tripod machines have a casing on wheels, which allows for trouble-free relocation of the machine after work
  • the arms of all machines are folded so that they don't take up much space when not in use
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    Easy – efficient dough rollers

    Our EASY rolling mills are available in two versions:

  • in the table version - a rolling mill without its own base set on the table, tape width always 50 cm, length of a single arm 80 cm or 100 cm.
  • column
  • with its own base - column, roller width to choose between 50cm and 60cm, choice of length of a single arm / working bands: 80 cm / 100cm / 130cm / 150cm).

  • The width of the straps is a choice between 50cm and 60cm. At the same time, the 60 cm wide tape gives the opportunity to retrofit the rolling mill (in the near or distant perspective) with a set of blanking dies. By choosing a 50 cm wide tape model, we eliminate the possibility of installing punching dies. All rolling mill models are equipped with polished, calibrated and chrome-plated rolling cylinders. Bearings and other moving parts are protected in a way that does not allow flour particles or other types of dirt to enter. The standard in the offered column models are wheels giving the possibility of moving the device and folding arms, allowing to limit the required storage space after work. Manual control (joysick) - offered in the basic version can be optionally supplemented (at an extra charge) for operation with legs (floor keys).

    All rolling mill models offered by MASZ Gliwice are equipped with polished, calibrated and chrome-plated rolling cylinders. Bearings and other movable elements are protected in such a way that no flour particles or other types of dirt can get into them. The power supply needed for dough rolling machines is 400 V, as is the case with most of our devices, e.g. croissants moulders or dough moulders. It is possible to choose the type of control - as standard we install manual control in all models, but you can also optionally choose foot control.

    Differences between table and column mill

    The differences between the table rolling mill and the column rolling mill are relatively small but noticeable. First of all, column mills have a weight of about 50 kilograms, which results from differences in the width and length of the machines. In addition, table models are slightly cheaper than column models.


    SMOK is the flour sifter used for cleaning and loosening flour. Machines of this type are an indispensable equipment for every bakery, regardless of its size. SMOK flour sifter, manufactured by MASZ Gliwice, have a capacity of up to 2500 kilograms per hour - this means that the machine can sift up to 2.5 tons of flour per hour. The dragon screen length reaches 134 centimeters , width is 70 cm and height is 112 centimeters. SMOK is one of the most commonly used flour sifting machines in our country, due to its high reliability and performance, with a fairly modest size.

    Flour sifting machines SMOK

    SMOK flour sifters are available in two versions - one is made of stainless steel and the other is made of steel painted white. The waiting time for delivery of the screen to your bakery or pasta factory is a week, maximum two weeks. Shipping is free (with pre-payment). The flour screens from our offer fully meet the requirements of the HACCP system, which says that the screen is the so-called Critical Control Point (CCP). This means that testing the purity of the flour at the screening stage is key to quality control by Sanepid.

    Method of operation of the flour sifter

    Flour is poured into the charging hopper, from where it goes through the screen impeller to the screening chamber. Then the auger, located in the long and narrow feeding tube, is moved to the outside of the flour sifter, ready for further processing.

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    Dispensing/dosing device is used to produce fried cakes such as donuts and cheese balls and other light dough prepared with, for example puff.
    During one rotation one portion is forming .The portion flows into the hot oil in the fryer. The dispensing unit is arranged on a double arm rotatable about a total length of 70 cm, which can be fixed to a wall or table, depending on the conditions at the factory.
    Fixings should be strong enough to have maintained the dispenser completely filled pastry at maximum arm reach. The outlet nozzle (cylindrical tube) should be placed in a distance 40 mm (at least) but not more than 50 mm from the fat surface .We offer two types of devices; driven manually or by an electric motor (230V, 10A).
    Electrically operated dispenser can operate in a cycle, as well as continuously at a constant speed. Weight pastries may change according to the needs of about 10 g to 80.
    The device is simple to use and easy to clean. Its housing body and the tilting arm are made of aluminum, the hopper of plastic and the operating mechanisms of stainless steel, steel. All our products are manufactured in accordance with the CE standards.


    Energy-saving electric fryer is used for frying donuts, fish, fries etc. It is equipped with electronic temperature control. It has in standard two baskets to load and unload products and one pressure. Modern thermal insulation results in large energy savings. Voltage 400V. Power of 10 kW. The cover serves as a drip tray for oil. All components are made of stainless steel.


    We offer poppy crushers in the following versions: free-standing and table.

    The free-standing crusher uses a system of two rollers made of stainless steel, driven by a belt transmission and a toothed electric motor. The rollers rotate at different speeds, which further enhances the grinding of the crushed poppy seeds. In the version on a tripod, the crusher has a stainless steel spout and wheels that allow for easy relocation of the device after work. The gap between the rollers is adjustable. 1 year warranty.

    The table crusher uses a system of two rollers made of stainless steel, driven by a belt transmission and a toothed electric motor. The rollers rotate at different speeds, which further enhances the grinding of the crushed poppy seeds. In the table version, the crusher is equipped with a drawer into which crushed poppy seeds fall. The gap between the rollers is adjustable. 1 year warranty.

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