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MASZ Gliwice has been supplying you with equipment for professional gastronomy equipment (e.g. dishwashers, electric meat mixers, combi steamers or shredders) for years. Our proposals include technologically advanced devices that have a positive impact on quality and productivity. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of electric mixers - equipment that is widely used in the delicatessen industry. Electric mixers are used, among others for mixing meat and various kinds of stuffing, not only meat. The mixers offered by MASZ Gliwice have been designed for the most demanding customers. The devices are equipped with an intuitive touch control panel. Thanks to this, electric mixers (mixers), designed for mixing and kneading stuffing, e.g. meat, are very easy to use.

Mixers for stuffings - solid and efficient

Electric mixers (mixers), which you will find among our products, will work well when mixing various types of stuffing, e.g. meat or dumplings. The devices are made of high quality painted and stainless steel - our stuffing and meat mixers are not only solid, resistant to mechanical damage and other adverse factors , but also stand out with a great aesthetics and are attractive visually. Mixers proposed by MASZ Gliwice were produced in accordance with CE standards. The equipment is completely safe for people who handle them. We can offer a wide range of electric mixers for stuffing and meat with a fixed and away bowl. Depending on the type of mixer and specific model, the mixers are equipped with bowls with a capacity of 60 up to 500 liters - they will easily find You have equipment that will suit your individual requirements.