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The Leonardo digital food decorator is a device that combines modern solutions from the food, printing and IT industries. The machine from MASZ GLIWICE offers the possibility to create colourful graphics directly on cakes, totes, cookies and other food products.

The Leonardo has a built-in WINDOWS-based computer connected to a large 22-inch touchscreen monitor. Such a set-up makes it easy to create graphic designs directly on the machine, and the ability to connect to a WIFI wireless network allows remote work. This simplifies the work of confectioners, graphic designers and enables quick service and technical support.

The decorator's interchangeable worktops make work more efficient - the next batch of products can be prepared while the previous one is being printed. Compact machine with a working area of 32cm x 50cm and a maximum printing height of 22cm. The machine has a built-in computer, so you do not need any other equipment. WiFi function, allowing you to connect to the internet and work partly remotely on the machine. Print time for the entire work area is less than 5 minutes Low cost of printing. The average cost of printing the entire work area is 0,10 euro.

2 removable worktops with silicone mats for continuous production and cleanliness, a continuous ink supply system (CISS) for long runs without refilling cartridges, easy replacement of empty cartridges and preview of ink levels. Predefined print templates and a large touchscreen allow you to quickly prepare your artwork and start printing. A machine cover is included to protect against accidental flooding and settling dust. The digital decorator is part of a system that our team is continually updating and adding to.

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