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Universal tippers for baking bowls (boilers) on trolleys
The tipplers we offer are designed for lifting and tilting bowls with dough directly to the funnel of the divider. It is possible to expand the device with an additional, automated module removing the dough from the bowl.
The tippers are manufactured in versions suitable for various bowl capacities, with right or left tipping (to be agreed with the customer). They consist of a base, a ramp and a pole with a gear motor on the top that drives the sprocket. The bowl is lifted on a beam pulled up with a chain placed inside the construction column. A pivot arm is attached to the column, which tilts the beam appropriately when it is lifted up.
The tipplers are made of structural steel or optionally of stainless steel. The scraper module consists of a body bolted to the tipper's horizontal beam. A rotating set of bars scraping the dough from the walls of the bowl is attached to the body. After the boiler reaches the appropriate height and the dough flows into the divider's hopper, the bowl drive is automatically switched on with the scraper system. After a specified time, the module returns to its starting position and the bowl with the trolley is lowered to the level of the base.
The standard specifications of this device are subject to change according to the specific design needs. The power required is 400V. All our devices are manufactured in accordance with the applicable CE standards.

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Model Lifting capacity [kg] Raising hight [cm]Total power [kW]Lifting time [s]Dimensions
l. x w. x h.
Universal700up to 1900 251,6100x100x320 550 kg

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