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SMOK is the flour sifter used for cleaning and loosening flour. Machines of this type are an indispensable equipment for every bakery, regardless of its size. SMOK flour sifter, manufactured by MASZ Gliwice, have a capacity of up to 2500 kilograms per hour - this means that the machine can sift up to 2.5 tons of flour per hour. The dragon screen length reaches 134 centimeters , width is 70 cm and height is 112 centimeters. SMOK is one of the most commonly used flour sifting machines in our country, due to its high reliability and performance, with a fairly modest size.

Flour sifting machines SMOK

SMOK flour sifters are available in two versions - one is made of stainless steel and the other is made of steel painted white. The waiting time for delivery of the screen to your bakery or pasta factory is a week, maximum two weeks. Shipping is free (with pre-payment). The flour screens from our offer fully meet the requirements of the HACCP system, which says that the screen is the so-called Critical Control Point (CCP). This means that testing the purity of the flour at the screening stage is key to quality control by Sanepid. Just like the casebread slicer flour sifter SMOK requires 400 V power connection. krajalnic do chleba przesiewacz SMOK wymaga podłączenia do prądu o napięciu 400 V.

Method of operation of the flour sifter

Flour is poured into the charging hopper, from where it goes through the screen impeller to the screening chamber. Then the auger, located in the long and narrow feeding tube, is moved to the outside of the flour sifter, ready for further processing.

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