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Professional mixers, offered by MASZ Gliwice, will work in food processing plants, delicatessen, as well as in restaurants and other catering establishments. The devices are designed for thorough mixing of vegetable ingredients. Mixers significantly simplify work and significantly increase its efficiency. The digital touch panel makes controlling and programming the salad mixer very easy, in addition, the panel allows you to save the muscle process. Thanks to the switch to manual mode, the mixer can also work in the event of an electronic system failure or power failure . As an experienced manufacturer of catering equipment, we offer only the highest quality devices. Thanks to innovative technological solutions, our mixers for salads work quietly and are energy-saving. The well thought-out design makes the mixers easy to clean.

Efficient and economical mixers for salads

In the MASZ Gliwice offer you will find mixers for professional use, with different bowl sizes - among the available models, you can easily choose a salad mixer that will suit the needs of a particular plant or catering establishment. We offer solid mixers, made of high quality materials (body made of acid-resistant steel or varnished steel ; spiral bowl, dough scraper and wire cover of stainless steel bowl). The devices are easy to use, safe to use, and quickly and thoroughly mix all ingredients. Our mixers were manufactured in accordance with applicable CE standards. We have mixers for salads with a fixed bowl and an outgoing bowl, in which the bowl capacity, depending on the model, ranges from several dozen to several hundred liters.