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Those machines are made with removable bowls up to 350 l. capacities intended for whipping and creaming confectionery masses and light cakes preparation. The machine body is made of painted steel. On a special request it is possible to produce stainless steel body. The bowl, tools, the dough scraper and wire bowl lid are made of stainless steel. The machine can also be equipped with full plastic bowl cover.

Thanks to the belt transmission unit is extremely quiet. The mixer has automatically raised head using hydraulic cylinders. The bowl is automatically pulled and locked under the head using special hydraulic system hooks. Easy to use touch control panel allows full programming and process writing, time set and temperature control grated masses (temperature sensor is located in the scraper).

As an option it is possible to install the water dispenser (except for machines SMRU130). Solenoid mounted on the head gives an extra water directly into the bowl with the existing mains. The machine is equipped with LED's lighting the bowl. In contrast to a standard spiral mixer - SMR, SMRU is equipped with a quick coupler for easy tools replacement (can not be fitted into a normal dough spiral mixer).

Manufacturer offers three tools to choose from - fin, cross and rod. Tool drive motor is controlled by inverter which allows smooth speed control. The required machine power is 400 V. In the back of the body there is a switch to manual mode, allowing the machine to continue working when some electronic system damage apears. The machine has been made in accordance with current CE standards.

Our mixers work well as strategic machines in the food industry in mixing among others: meat stuffing, dumplings stuffing. Our clients appreciated their performance when mixing different kinds of salads. The machines can successfully mix animal feeds, including dry and wet ones. They also work well as mixers for granules and pastes with different densities.
See for yourself how our machines increase efficiency in your industry.

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ModelCapacity [kg/l]Bowl diameter [cm] Total power[kW]Bowl engine power[kW]Dimensions
l. x w. x h.
Weight of the empty machine [kg]
SMRU 130 130 lØ 70 cm 3,7 kW0,5 kW147x85x128 cm 755 kg
SMRU 180 180 lØ 75 cm 5 kW1,1 kW149x87x128 cm 795 kg
SMRU 260 260 lØ 86 cm 6 kW1,1 kW158x93x138 cm 848 kg
SMRU 350 350 lØ 100 cm 11 kW1,5 kW175x106x156 cm 1170 kg

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Applies to:

  • Spiral mixers with fixed and removable bowl
  • Bread slicers
  • Planetary mixers


The machine is used to transport the dough from the bowl to the divider hopper, hopper or oven to the table. It is produced in versions for all types of kneading troughs manufacturers of rotation to the left or right. Plating and covers in all versions are made of stainless steel approved for food contact.

ModelLifting capacity [kg] Raising hight [cm]Total power [kW]Lifting time [s]Dimensions
l. x w. x h.
Universal700up to 1900 251,6100x100x320 550 kg