MASZ Malinowski Gliwice
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MASZ Gliwice is a valued manufacturer of excellent class of gastronomy equipment. Among the equipment we offer you will find, among others a wide selection of professional mixers - meat mixing and kneading machines. We are a manufacturer with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, so we can offer the most beneficial solutions. Our electric mixers (mixers) for meat production will work even in large plants (we offer mixing machines with a capacity of up to 500 liters). The mixers are made of high quality materials (varnished steel, acid-resistant steel) and manufactured in accordance with CE standards. This means that we are a producer whose mixers, i.e. electric meat grinding and mixing machines, meet the requirements of the European Union directives .

Meat mixers with different bowl sizes

We offer mixers with a fixed bowl (capacity from 60 to 320 liters) and an outgoing bowl (capacity from 130 to 500 liters). All, proposed by MASZ Gliwice, electric machines for mixing and kneading meat (mixers) are very efficient and energy-saving. They are characterized by quiet operation, and the intuitive touch panel makes the mixers extremely easy to use. We are a producer using modern technological solutions, thanks to which our mixers are reliable, and the system of blades mounted in mixers allows for even mixing of all ingredients . We invite producers of sausages, pates, sausages and other meat products to cooperate with us. We guarantee the highest quality of equipment. We also provide professional warranty and post-warranty service for meat grinding and mixing machines (electric mixers) that are on offer from MASZ Gliwice.