MASZ Malinowski Gliwice
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Why MASZ Gliwice?

Experience - MASZ Gliwice, a company with 15 years of experience, with only Polish capital, is today a leading and respected manufacturer of bakery machinery and equipment. Valued in Poland, but also in the European Union. Our devices have become of greater interest on the Community Market (UE), effectively competing with German manufacturers, or Italian. We have all the necessary European certificates.

Comprehensive support - In addition to manufacturing, repair and service of used machines, we also trade for our bakery and confectionery industry, and even for the foodservice industry. If our customer wishes to equip its new works, or modernize existing, we do it with pleasure. Our online store provides valuable assistance to our clients in their decision process.

Individual approach - We use the solutions tested by years of practice in our own bakery and make it available to our customers, to meet their specific needs. For each Client we approach individually, providing the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Similarly, financial institutions operate, with whom we work. Therefore, Customers recommended by us are served quickly and efficiently if they need financial support.

Professionalism and reliability - Own engineering department? Yes. That is ambition a lot of manufacturing plants. Our machines are constantly being modified to meet all the expectations of the industry. Proper operation of our equipment is for us everydays duty. We are sure the reliability of our equipment and offer a two years warranty. We know your needs. Do you want to act quickly and effectively - just as we do. That's why we want to live up our obligations in time.

Openness and cooperation – We watching the market of food technology attentively. Working with branded co-producers, we have knowledge of any new trends and solutions.

Our mixers work well as strategic machines in the food industry in mixing among others: meat stuffing, dumplings stuffing. Our clients appreciated their performance when mixing different kinds of salads. The machines can successfully mix animal feeds, including dry and wet ones. They also work well as mixers for granules and pastes with different densities.
See for yourself how our machines increase efficiency in your industry. Arrange meeting tests.


We are distributing:

The highest quality equipment for bakeries from many countries including German, Italy. We are trying to make sure that our offer is always fresh, filled with innovative equipment. In our selection we are following the currect criteria:

  • Increased productivity
  • Low failure rate
  • Convenience in operating everything in Polish, small prices.


MASZ GLIWICE Mixers on the European map

In this section we present the map of cities and towns where at least one of our mixer was installed in at least one bakery. With long-term strategy, our product supplies both large and small bakieries from all over the country. Data comes from 2019, including only one device in a given location.