MASZ Malinowski Gliwice
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High-class catering equipment facilitates work, increases its efficiency and minimizes costs. The MASZ Gliwice offer includes only professional devices, including gastronomic mixers, which are distinguished by their solid workmanship , with excellent quality materials, and great parameters. Mixers allow quick and easy mixing of various types of ingredients (e.g. ingredients for stuffing, also meat, cakes, salads, loose products), thanks to which they are very widely used in the catering industry. We can offer different models of mixers - with a fixed or outgoing bowl, with different bowl sizes (from several dozen to several hundred liters). The variety of models facilitates the selection of a mixer to suit the needs of a particular outlet or catering establishment. The mixers we propose have been constructed in a way that ensures efficient and economical operation and a long service life of the device.

MASZ Gliwice – catering equipment for the demanding

All gastronomic mixers that we offer have been manufactured in accordance with CE standards - the devices meet all the requirements set out in European Union directives. They are safe for users, easy to clean and easy to use. The operation of our gastronomic mixers is facilitated by an intuitive control panel that allows programming and saving the muscle process. The equipment is additionally equipped with a switch to manual mode - mixers can therefore work even during a power failure or if the electronic system has failed . The devices are very functional, reliable, work quietly and are energy-saving. The mixers are made of high quality materials, the construction and the technological solutions used allow for even mixing of all ingredients.