MASZ Malinowski Gliwice
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MASZ Gliwice is a producer and distributor of bakery equipment. We also give the opportunity to rent our machines or lease them. All equipment purchased at MASZ Gliwice is subject to servicing and necessary renovations and repairs. We manufacture four types of bread slicers - a small ROCH model, manually operated, that can cut about 350-360 loaves per hour, can be operated by only one person. The larger ROXY already has a performance of up to 950 loaves per hour. To achieve this, the ROXY bread slicer must be operated by two people. The third model, the largest, we called REX, it is more automated, it has a feeder and a bread shifting belt. Here at least two people are needed to operate it. The REX slicer can cut up to 2,500 loaves of bread per hour. All parameters refer to breads weighing 0.6 kg. We have also recently introduced the fourth model - Ramses, which is available on request.

Bakery slicers - a manufacturer of bakery machinery from Gliwice

Our slicers have the ability to set the slice thickness to 11 or 13 mm, and ROXY can also cut thick slices to 15 or 16 millimeters. Bread slicers manufactured by our company are equipped with numerous safeguards, increasing safety and minimizing losses in the goods. If one of the elements fails, the device is turned off. This minimizes the time of inefficient machine operation. ROXY and REX bread slicers require a 400 V power supply. Only the smallest ROCH can be powered by traditional 230 V power in our homes. The power of our bread slicing machines of course also varies depending on the model - ROCH has a total power of 0.55 kW, while ROXY 1.35 kW, and REX is already 4.18 kW. As you can see the differences between individual models are large, so please contact us to choose the best solution for your company.