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Mixers are bakery devices whose task is mixing the dough . The choice of the right mixer should be dictated by the amount of dough that our plant will produce and its hardness. We offer various types of spiral mixers with a removable bowl with a capacity of 15 to 50 liters, spiral mixers with a fixed bowl with a capacity of 60-320 liters, and mixers spiral with a sliding bowl , the capacity of which is 130-500 liters.

Spiral mixers

Spiral mixers are machines suitable for small and medium-sized catering outlets, bakeries and confectioneries . They have a stainless steel bowl and a movable cover with a microswitch. Their stable and thoughtful design - removable bowl and tilting head - make the use and cleaning of the equipment very easy. We offer a wide range of spiral mixers with a moving bowl and different capacity. If these bowl volumes are too large for your business, please see confectionery and bakery mixers that have bowls with smaller capacities.

Spiral mixers with fixed bowl

These are machines designed for slightly larger plants, as their capacity varies from 60 to 320 liters, depending on the model. The SM 60-85 devices are mixers with a capacity of 60 and 80 liters, and mixers with the numbers SM 130-320 have a fixed bowl with a capacity of 130, 180, 260, 320 liters. Our mixers with a fixed bowl have a body made of varnished steel and a fixed bowl, a spiral and a dough scraper made of acid-resistant steel. The technological solutions used make mixers with a fixed bowl work quietly and energy-saving .

Spiral mixers with removable bowl

Mixers with a moving bowl is the most advanced option, intended for mass production, as the capacity of the mounted bowl reaches up to 500 liters. Mixers with a moving bowl are equipped with a head lifted automatically by hydraulic cylinders and a moving bowl, which is also automatically pulled and locked under the head thanks to special hooks. This type of mixers, due to the dimensions of the mixed dough, has two motors: one to drive the spiral and the other to drive the moving bowl.

Our mixers work well in many industries:

Our mixers work well as strategic machines in the food industry in mixing among others: meat stuffing, dumplings stuffing. Our clients appreciated their performance when mixing different kinds of salads. The machines can successfully mix animal feeds, including dry and wet ones. They also work well as mixers for granules and pastes with different densities.
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