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Equipment for bakeries and confectioneries
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Our mixers work in industries:

Our mixers work well in many industries:

Our mixers work well as strategic machines in the food industry in mixing among others: meat stuffing, dumplings stuffing. Our clients appreciated their performance when mixing different kinds of salads. The machines can successfully mix animal feeds, including dry and wet ones. They also work well as mixers for granules and pastes with different densities.
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Bakery, confectionery machines and professional gastronomic accessories

MASZ Gliwice is a Polish company with an established position on Polish and European market. We manufacture, service and repair bakery machines and accessories. We work with the best global brands in the field of the baking and confectionery industry and we are up to date with the latest technologies. We also have all the required European certificates, that our machines are both safe and functional. As a leading manufacturer of bakery and confectionery machines , we have in our assortment accessories of the highest quality , necessary for the efficient operation of such premises as confectionery, bakeries or pizzerias. We are a manufacturer of equipment such as spiral mixers, prosffesional bakery production lines and also fryers and stuffers for donuts.

MASZ Gliwice machines and accessories mean continuous development and low failure rate

Our company is constantly developing, therefore, in order to meet your requirements and meet the expectations of the market, we have our own construction department in which we make every effort to ensure that our bakery and confectionery machines are made conscientiously and with the appropriate precision. Thanks to the accuracy and diligence in making our products, accessories and bakery machines we can be sure that our devices are characterized by high quality combined with low failure rate. That is why we provide a two-year warranty for the confectionery and bakery machines produced by us .