MASZ Malinowski Gliwice
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Innovative manufacturing base of technology provides the company more efficient production and increases the current development potential. We currently have two production facilities in Gliwice: preparing hall located in the headquarters of Jana Śliwki 33 street and assembly hall with storehouse at the Portowa 4 street, which is represented in the following section. Our hall has enormous potential, both the design, production and logistics.

Construction department

Own construction department? This is one of the ambitions of more than one of our competitors. Thanks to our engineers with their knowledge based on years of experience in machines constructions, our products are constantly modified in order to achieve top-class manufacturing capabilities. Striving for perfection has become our mission.

Main construction hall

Assembling machines and bakery equipment is much more than just a way to put them in usable condition. This process, which in addition to the experience requires appropriate technical knowledge and the mental commitment to every little detail. Our products is a guaranteed development of your business on the road to success. We are sure the reliability of our products, so each customer gets 2-year warranty on the equipment of our production.

Specialized assembly room

In the assembly hall we have seperated rooms specializing in performing certain activities. The photographs include detailed mounting of REX slicers and industrial facilities to install the electronics. We offer professional repairs and services small, medium and paramount for a wide range of machinery for bakery.


We know your needs. You don't like to wait just as we do. Honestly, no one likes it, and therefore all obligation is met in a timely manner. Let the others wait, while you can probably grow your business. Storehous has become one of the most important departments of our company. We have one of the largest bakery and confectionery store in the country, from year to year by introducing new products to increase our product range.