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We offer a wide selection of universal mixers , which works well with both pastries and bakery . A large number of devices with different bowl capacities will ensure that even the smallest bakery and confectionery factory finds a mixer that suits your needs. We have universal mixers with a bowl with a capacity of 5, 8, 10, 20, 24, 30, 50, 60 and 80 liters. If this capacity proves to be insufficient and you anticipate more production, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer spiral mixers and whisks.

Bakery and confectionery mixers RM general characteristics

Our universal mixers are machines with solid construction and aesthetic appearance. Their construction is made of full aluminum cast, which makes them very durable. The mixers have a removable, stainless steel bowl with a lid and are equipped with a rod, hook and stirrer as standard .

Our bakery and confectionery mixers are characterized by planetary rotation of the tips for work during kneading - around its axis and in a circle. The devices have a handling wheel for adjusting the bowl height and a protective cover that allows you to add ingredients during operation of the mixer.

Differences between individual models of RM universal mixers

In addition to the general features of confectionery and bakery mixers from the RM line, some models have been equipped with additional amenities and functions. All bakery and confectionery mixers , except the RM-800 model, have the option of buying and attaching attachment for grinding meat and chopping vegetables . On the RM-80B, RM-22, RM-60, RM-200 and RM-50 models it is also possible to install a special reduction boiler , enabling the preparation of a smaller amount of semi-finished product. Baking and confectionery mixers RM-50 and RM-60 have been additionally equipped with a handling trolley for transporting bowls.