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  • is suitable for all kinds of cakes, it rolls even very thin doughs
  • scraper easy to remove in seconds
  • rolling cylinders are calibrated, polished and hard chrome plated
  • all bearings are shielded to avoid contamination
  • the belt speed regulator avoids wrinkles in the dough
  • the low voltage power supply is switched on and off by a hand switch or foot pedal and has a protective enclosure
  • available in table and tripod versions
  • tripod machines have a casing on wheels, which allows for trouble-free relocation of the machine after work
  • the arms of all machines are folded so that they don't take up much space when not in use
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    Easy – efficient dough rollers

    Our EASY rolling mills are available in two versions:

  • in the table version - a rolling mill without its own base set on the table, tape width always 50 cm, length of a single arm 80 cm or 100 cm.
  • column
  • with its own base - column, roller width to choose between 50cm and 60cm, choice of length of a single arm / working bands: 80 cm / 100cm / 130cm / 150cm).

  • The width of the straps is a choice between 50cm and 60cm. At the same time, the 60 cm wide tape gives the opportunity to retrofit the rolling mill (in the near or distant perspective) with a set of blanking dies. By choosing a 50 cm wide tape model, we eliminate the possibility of installing punching dies. All rolling mill models are equipped with polished, calibrated and chrome-plated rolling cylinders. Bearings and other moving parts are protected in a way that does not allow flour particles or other types of dirt to enter. The standard in the offered column models are wheels giving the possibility of moving the device and folding arms, allowing to limit the required storage space after work. Manual control (joysick) - offered in the basic version can be optionally supplemented (at an extra charge) for operation with legs (floor keys).

    All rolling mill models offered by MASZ Gliwice are equipped with polished, calibrated and chrome-plated rolling cylinders. Bearings and other movable elements are protected in such a way that no flour particles or other types of dirt can get into them. The power supply needed for dough rolling machines is 400 V, as is the case with most of our devices, e.g. croissants moulders or dough moulders. It is possible to choose the type of control - as standard we install manual control in all models, but you can also optionally choose foot control.

    Differences between table and column mill

    The differences between the table rolling mill and the column rolling mill are relatively small but noticeable. First of all, column mills have a weight of about 50 kilograms, which results from differences in the width and length of the machines. In addition, table models are slightly cheaper than column models.