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Thanks to such machines as roll divider or croissant machine , bakery and confectionery factories are able to get a uniform appearance and taste of their products every day. We offer automatic and semi-automatic roll dividers with the function of rounding dough and croissants rolling out dough and wrapping them in small bites .

Croissant machine - a revolutionary way to shape croissants

Croissant rollers are machines useful every day in every bakery and pastry shop. They are used to roll out and roll the dough into smaller or larger bites , depending on the settings and the type of machine. With the help of a suitable croissant, not only croissants, but also fingers and baguettes can be formed, and after disconnecting the rolling tapes, the croissant can also be used to roll out a pizza dough. Our croissants have chrome elements and are manufactured in accordance with applicable CE standards.