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A multipurpose machine designed for wide use in bakeries, confectioneries and catering outlets. High-quality materials used in the production of the machine ensure a long service life and trouble-free operation. The whole structure is made of high-quality AISI 304 steel, intended for contact with food, resistant to corrosion and most acids, sterilization solutions, most organic chemicals and dyes. The MK device evenly heats the entire contents of the boiler to a maximum temperature of 150o C. It is possible to heat and mix simultaneously. Due to its well-thought-out structure, the MK multi-brewer can be used for many technological processes, such as:

  • cooking: pudding, English masses, jellies, masses according to own recipes, eggnog, butterscotch, milk, sauces, soups, vegetables, etc.
  • brewing flour (steamed dough)
  • preparation of tiramisu mass, stuffing, jams and preserves, risotto, fruit mousses
  • melting chocolate and pomade
  • roasting fruit or even onions
  • and many more
  • The mixing process is carried out using a special agitator, which is equipped with scrapers to prevent the product from sticking and burning. Scoops collect product from the walls and bottom of the boiler. Heating takes place through the heating oil located between the two walls of the boiler, thanks to which the heating is very even and the mass does not burn. The heat is distributed very evenly to the product, to its entire volume. The MK cream machine is additionally equipped with a third, outer jacket in order to reduce the temperature leakage to the outside.

    MK machines have two operating speeds and the ability to heat the mass to the desired temperature max. 150o C. At the customer's request, it is possible to lock the maximum temperature level, above which the operator will not set the machine. In a special design of the machine, the maximum temperature may be increased. All elements having direct contact with the food product are made of high-quality acid-resistant steel and materials approved for contact with food. The tilting boiler makes pouring and cleaning much easier, the boiler can be equipped with a drain valve, which is hygienic - it can be easily removed for cleaning / washing. The valve has the function of accidental opening. The machine has a lid with an inlet that allows you to control the process and add ingredients without stopping the machine. All important electrical components led to the electrical box on the side of the machine to protect against the effects of vapors and temperature. Working time clock with a sound signal - automatic or manual operation, Mobile machine - with wheels as standard

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    ModelBowl capacity[l]Heater power[kW] Motor power[kW]Oil quantity[l] Weight[kg] Dimensions
    w.x l.x h.
    The recommended value of filling the boiler min-max[l]
    MK 30 304 0,35/0,4512 116 96 x 73 x 153 3-23
    MK 60 606 0,6/0,817,5 150 96 x 78 x 164 4-48
    MK 80 809 0,6/0,819,5 158 94 x 74 x 164 4-65
    MK 120 12012 1,3/1,829 232 120 x 91 x 181 12-100
    MK 200 20015 3,041 328 130 x 120 x 199 22-180
    MK 300 30024 5,067 611 164 x 134 x 220 35-180
    MK 500 50045 5,067 730 190 x 156 x 240 50-180