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The roll dividers are one of the most complex machines produced by MASZ Gliwice. We manufacture two models - SPAA-30 and SPA-30SA. The first of them is fully automated, while the second, semi-automatic, has a manually lowered head using a mounted lever. In addition, the parameters of both devices do not differ from each other, and the only number that distinguishes both dividers is, of course, the price. SPAA-30 costs PLN 41 800 gross, while SPA-30SA has a price over 18 thousand lower. Both devices, like other machines from our offer (e.g. flour sifters), they need a 400 V power connection. flour sifters), they need a 400 V power connection.

How does bread roll divider work

In the shortest and simplest terms, bun and donut dividers divide large pieces of dough (from 1.2 to 4 kilograms) into so-called billets. Each bite has a similar size, and a portion of the dough is divided into 30 elements. The dough in the divider is cut by knives sliding out of the top cover, and then the rolls created in this way are formed into a special tray. Within a few moments, the shapeless piece of dough is replaced with dozens of even pieces, ready for baking or further baking processing. The maximum capacity of both machines reaches 5400 pieces per hour, a single roll obtained in a divider can have a weight of 40 to 135 grams.

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