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We offer the bread-forming line wchich is available from proven devices that aim to automate production processes in small and large bakeries. Thanks to the streamlined production process, labor costs are reduced in a fast and effective way, and thus the increase in costs is the processing capacity. The installation of a reliable bread line favors the repeatability of production processes and quality end products.
The configuration we propose consists primarily of:

  • Lifter - a machine used to transfer dough from the bowl to the divider hopper, hopper or to the bakery table
  • Weighers - a machine used for mechanically dividing dough
  • Rounding machines - a machine used for mechanical rounding of bread dough pieces
  • Lengtheners - a machine used for lengthening rounded billets of dough, giving it its final shape

    Universal lifters for bakery bowls (boilers) on trolleys
    The lifters we offer are intended for lifting and inverting bowls with dough directly into the hopper of the divider. It is possible to extend the device with an additional, automated module scraping the dough from the bowl.
    Wywrotnice są produkowane w wersjach odpowiednich do różnych pojemności dzież, z wywrotem na prawą lub lewą stronę (do ustalenia z Klientem). Składają się one z podstawy, najazdu oraz słupa, na którego szczycie umieszczono motoreduktor napędzający koło łańcuchowe. Dzieża podnoszona jest na belce podciąganej łańcuchem umieszczonym wewnątrz słupa konstrukcyjnego. Do słupa przymocowane jest ramię obrotu odpowiednio przechylające belkę w momencie podnoszenia jej w górę.
    The lifters are made of structural steel or optionally stainless steel. The scraper module consists of a body bolted to the tipper's horizontal beam. A rotating set of scraping bars from the walls of the bowl are attached to the body. After the boiler reaches the appropriate height and the dough flows out into the divider hopper, the bowl drive automatically switches on along with the scraping system. After a certain time, the module returns to the starting position and the bowl with the trolley is lowered to the base level.
    Standardowe dane techniczne tego urządzenia ulegają zmianie, stosownie do konkretnych potrzeb konstrukcyjnych. Wymagane zasilanie to 400V. Wszystkie nasze urządzenia są produkowane zgodnie z obowiązującymi normami CE.

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    ModelCapacity [kg] Lifting hight [cm]Total power [kW]Lifting time [s]Dimensions
    l.x w.x h.
    Weight [kg]
    Universal700do 1900 251,6100x100x320 550 kg


    The dough in this machine is correctly divided by the newly designed drum and inlet piston, without affecting the dough structure. Processes the most sensitive type of cake, one that could only be divided by hand until now. The dough container and the outer covers are made of stainless steel. The billet weight setting can be set manually. The machine divides the dough automatically into a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 pieces per minute, and in a manual division system from 29 to 31 pieces and uses much less oil compared to other such machines.

  • manual weight adjustment by means of a knob
  • cylindrical hopper without angles ensures good flow of the dough
  • stainless steel body
  • piston made of acid resistant steel
  • closed lubrication system with strainer
  • additional lubrication point with oil regulation, ensuring lubrication of the piston surface
  • quiet belt transmissions
  • low oil level alarm in the tank
  • piston diameter 13 cm
  • weight range from 300 to 1100 g
  • electronic speed control
  • flour sprinkler synchronized with the device speed
  • adjustable angle of the receiving tape and cleaning scraper
  • machine equipped with road wheels
  • transparent plexiglass cover
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    The conical rounding machine is designed to be used for almost all types of dough. The billets are perfectly rounded and very precisely transported after introducing them into specially designed conical channels. This minimizes the dough tension and sets the uniform shape.

  • teflon coated cone
  • teflon coated gutters
  • silent flour sprinkler
  • stainless steel body
  • rounding length 3.5 m
  • blowing cold air
  • device is equipped with wheels
  • the device has a CE certificate
  • engine power 0.55 kW
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    ModelTrack length [m] Weight range of the piece[g] Performance [szt./h]Dimensions
    l.x w.x h.[cm]
    Waga [kg]
    FCR 3000 M3,5200-1200 2400-3200105x95x145 195 kg


    The industrial dough forming machine by lengthening it has been produced for companies with large and continuous production. Available options include a double pressure plate, dough guide on the band, dough guide at the entrance to the machine, flour dusting system, milling machine for triple shape on the pressure board, dough sliding system at the exit. Regardless of the dual pressure plate, the dough does not meet at any point.

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    ModelPower [kW] Maximum dough length [mm]Dimensions
    l.x w.x h.[cm]
    Efficiency [pcs./h] Waga [kg]
    FLM 3000 M0,55420 699x1650x13651200-2400 235