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It is a free-standing device MTB3 used for grinding dry bread intended for breadcrumbs. Its structure is completely made of stainless steel. Due to its compactness and stability, the machine can work for many hours, ensuring high efficiency. The device uses double knives and an innovative, unique grinding support system. A special gripper makes it easier to hold the bag, and the easy and quick exchange of screens helps to match them to the desired granulation. Protection against the discharge opening during operation of the device and the relationship of the height of the legs were used. The device can be equipped with sieves with mesh diameter - 3.4.5 mm.

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ParametersUnit of measureValue
The diameter of the charging conecm60
The diameter of the charging pipemm30
The diameter of the chopping knivesmm29
Dimensions h. x w. x l.cm147 x 75 x 75
Number of knivespcs.4
Motor powerkW4
Supply / control voltageV400/24


The RP1 is designed for grinding various types of bread, especially baguettes, bread loaves bread and bread rolls, small size bakelettes for oven drying or production of the bread acid. It is recommended for the shredded bread to be dry or cooled to about 20 degrees celsius. The chooper consists a steel body in which the cutting unit drive mechanism is located. This unit consists of a drum and four knives. The bread is fed to the chopping chamger with a speed adjustable belt conveyor. From the top, the bread is pressed with two rollers. Chopper control panel is made in manual mode. The cutting drum, with variable speed regulation, is driven by an electric motor via belt drive. It adjusts the rotational speed of the drum and delivers belt as needed. By reducing the drum rotation and increasing the tape travel time, will increase the billets thickness, while increasing the drum rotation and decreasing the belt travel time, will decreases the billets thickness. In the pick up area, the crumbs of bread can be passed to the containers or to the receiving tape. The controls are located in the distribution box, in the lower back of the machine, closed for unauthorized access. The machine is manufactured according to CE standards in Europe.

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Control voltageV24/12
Motor powerkW3,16
Number of knivespcs.4
Drum rotation

rot / min.
rot / min.

Conveyor belt speed

cm / sec.
cm / sec.


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Applies to:

  • Spiral mixers with fixed and removable bowl
  • Bread slicers
  • Planetary mixers