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A bakery and confectionery oven can be both the key to success and a nail in the casket of a gastronomy owner. This decision depends on our success, future profits and reputation. MASZ Gliwice offers various types of ovens: confectionery, bakery, pizza and other models with a wide range of gastronomy applications . If you care about the perfect, always the same baked goods, we also offer a purchase bread roll dividers and stuffers, which, in combination with a bakery oven , will help to unify your products.

Bakery ovens Retigo

We offer two models of Retigo furnaces: 5- and 8-shelves. They are ovens with micro-microprocess electronic control , intended for baking both bakery and confectionery. Confectionery and bakery ovens Retigo are equipped with an intensive humidification system and a hygienic baking chamber with rounded internal corners, which facilitates cleaning and contributes to even baking. Additional functions are illuminated baking chamber and acoustic signal informing about finished work.

Ceramic tubular-furnace VAPOR AGIV FORNI

It is a very modern oven, guaranteeing high quality of baked cakes regardless of their type. The basic elements of the housing are made of stainless steel , and the doors of the chambers of steel and tempered glass are additionally very easy to disassemble and clean. The surface to be baked was made of a special type of ceramic that works well in both bakery and confectionery baking. In addition, the VAPOR AGIV FORNI furnace is equipped with a chimney valve with a limit switch , which prevents the burner from turning on when the chimney is closed.

Convection steam ovens

Our range also includes comprehensive and innovative combi steamers . These are machines designed for various types of baking, not only confectionery and bakery. Thanks to modern technology, our combi steamers have over 1,000 programs in an electronic cookbook, EASY COOKING and LEARN functions, as well as night and low-temperature baking. Such confectionery and bakery ovens combi steamers will work in large confectionery factories, bakeries, pizzerias and restaurants. Despite the huge number of functions and applications, furnace operation is uncomplicated and based on intuitiveness .