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The compact table top slicer ZIP, manufactured by JAC, is designed for full or partial cutting of rolls and baguettes (along the length). Both the cutting height and depth are precisely adjusted. Compared to manual slicing, this device provides full security. Its design allows you to cut rolls and baguettes (any length) with maximum dimensions: width 12 and height 8 cm. Loading and receiving sliced ​​bread is done manually, inserting one element (semi-automatic) each time. Machine performance for one-man operation can be estimated at approximately 2000 cuts per hour, depending on the type of buns, as well as the baking and cooling of bread and slightly increases for two-man operation. The device is mainly intended for use in bakeries, shops and other catering establishments, wherever long hours of continuous operation are not required. This slicer is safe to use, durable and intended for intensive use, ideal for sandwich bars, has smooth adjustment of settings.

  • cutting width adjustment to the desired thickness and height of bread
  • tunnels dimensions is suitable for different shapes of bread
  • control window for checking bread movement
  • stainless steel body
  • quick and easy disassembly of covers for machine and blade maintenance
  • secured outlet against insertion of the hand
  • dimensions: height 77cm, width 36cm, length 65 cm
  • weigth: 35 kg
  • single phase motor with power 0,49 kW
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